Collecting methods

We offer weekly payouts on next-weeks Wednesday.

Example: Your client pays you on Thursday in week 10. Payout of all transactions done in week 10 is done in the following week (11) on Wednesday.

Depending on your receiving bank this can take up to two (2) business days to be processed. We pay out to all local banks, so MCB, Banco di Caribe, Orco Bank, RBC, Vidanova, CIBC First Caribbean, Girobank etc.

Your money is safely processed through our secure ESCROW structure. Funds are paid out in ANG.

Direct methods

Funds are settled directly to your own account, for example your own PayPal account or your e-merchant account at a local bank.

Currency depends on the used method and can be in ANG, USD or EUR.


Our commission is retracted from your payout.