Online Payments difficult?

Not if you ask us!

PagaDirect uses a unique, multiple-currency, multiple method payment gateway.

Charge 100 guilders and receive 100 guilders on your account. Let us take care of the rest!

For starters and pro's

Start by simply creating payment links or fully automate your web shop

Multi Currency

You can charge in multiple currencies, your clients chooses in what currency they pay.

All methods

iDEAL, PayPal, Fun Miles, Debit- or Creditcard, all popular payment methods are integrated at afforable prices

Overview Dashboard

Your personalized dashboard shows all your transactions, its status & payouts

Simplicity is the key


An overview of PagaDirect’s innovative features.

Via a payment link or one of our automated integrations, your customer is being requested to pay.

Our payment screen shows every available payment method so your customer can select their favorite method.

The transaction is processed and the payment confirmation is sent immediately so you can ship your goods or provide your service.

Questions? Get in touch, we are happy to show you all the features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your client can pay in:


Fun Miles*


*Fun Miles partnership required by merchant

You can charge your client in 3 different currencies: ANG, USD & EUR


Your account is set up to use one charging currency.



This depends on the methods used. Click for more information:


More on payouts

We implemented several payment methods that process millions of transactions worldwide on a daily basis.


See the full methods list

Local banks started replacing Maestro with Mastercard Debit & Visa Debit cards, which enables their clients to purchase online. 


In 2021, CIBC First Caribbean, RBC and Vidanova bank started this process.


More local banks will follow, introducing Mastercard Debit & Visa Debit cards providing convenient online payments.

The use of 2 Factor Authentication is standard policy at PagaDirect. This extra level of security makes sure you are the only one using your login credentials and account.


Please install an authenticator app on your mobile device, for instance Google Authenticator (Android / IOS).


After logging in at PagaDirect you will be shown a QR code. Next, follow the Authenticator app’s setup instructions on your mobile device.


Setup your 2FA

Yes, it is. For our collecting methods, we use a secure ESCROW-account structure, so your money is never in jeopardy in case of bankruptcy or confiscation. This is standard policy in the European market.

Direct methods are settled on your account immediately or during weekdays.

All payments are processed though the local banking system, overseen by the Central bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten.

Handling your funds comes with responsibilities. We take them very seriously.

All payments are done on SSL-certificated pages. When processing card payment, 3D Secure is mandatory, reducing fraudulent transactions.

We do not store the payment data of the payees, this is done at our payment providers.

Your collected funds are safely kept in our ESCROW accounts. This means it is never in jeopardy in case of bankruptcy or confiscation. This is common practice for all major European providers.

PagaDirect has some user restrictions:


Only businesses can register, no private persons are allowed.


More on restrictions

Providing this service comes at a price. Maintaining and operating a payment platform and multiple foundations to keep your money safe, getting money to the Caribbean at a fee and expensive web development are just some examples. We always try to give you the best price possible!


More on pricing

Requirements for registering

Only businesses registered on one of the islands are able to register, private persons are not allowed.


More on requirements

Need help?

Our partners know everything about e-commerce and let you use PagaDirect to its full potential!

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