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Payment Solution

PagaDirect is a Caribbean payment service provider.

With our payment integrations, you can add direct sale opportunities when you don’t have access to any online payment options, a swipe device, don’t want to take cash payments, or simply want to receive your funds in advance.

4 Steps To Receive Online Payments

  • 1 Register
  • 2 Create payment request
  • 3 Client pays
  • 4 You receive your money

Getting paid online

Getting paid online is one of the biggest challenges for Caribbean businesses.

We have created a unique, multiple-currency, multiple method payment platform. This platform has proven itself over the last 5 years.

Charge 100 guilders, receive 100 guilders on your account. Let us take care of the rest!

For starters and pro's

Start low-profile by simply creating payment links or fully automate your web shop

Multi Currency

Our platform is multi-currency. Your clients can choose in what currency they want to pay.

All methods

iDeal, PayPal, Fun Miles, Debit- or Creditcard, all popular payment methods are integrated at afforable prices

Overview Dashboard

Your personalized dashboard shows all your transactions, its status & payouts

Live Demo


A live demo of our multi-currency payment module which your client will see when making a payment


Step by step

The by you requested amount -in this demo 100 guilders- is converted into the chosen currency based on the daily exchange rate.

After choosing the currency, the method can be selected. iDeal, creditcard, PayPal, bancontact, Sofort etc

Transaction costs are based on the chosen method and paid by your client. iDeal is one of the cheapest at 0.84 ANG, credit card payments on of the costlier due to the percentage charged by the banks to process this payment. 

When clicking “Pay’ your client can pay the requested amount and after paying, you are notified instantly by e-mail.

Your 100 guilders are on your account immediately and are paid out on your local bank account next weeks Wednesday.

Redeeming Fun Miles is also possible, for this your company needs to be a Fun Miles partner.

Soon, we will integrate a local wallet to make instant guilder payments possible!

* Please note that checkout is disabled due to demonstration purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your client can pay in:


ANG [Q1 2021]

You can charge your client in your local currency. This is based on the location of your business.


From 2021 on, charging in ANG, USD & EUR will be possible.

You get paid out in your local currency. This is based on the location of your business.


For Curacao, this is ANG
For Aruba, this is AWG
For Bonaire, this is USD
For Sint Maarten, this is ANG
For Sint Eustatius, this is USD
For Saba, this is USD


More on payouts

We implemented several payment methods to serve as many customers as possible. The actual payment is done at our payment providers' website that daily serve millions of payments worldwide.



payment methods

  • iDEAL: online bank transfer for Dutch banks ABN AMRO Bank, Rabobank, SNS Bank, ING Bank, ASN Bank, Regio Bank, Triodos, Knab - bunq
  • Bancontact / Mistercash: Belgium online bank transfer
  • Sofort: Germany’s biggest bank transfer system and used by 13 other European countries
  • Paypal: Paypal's online wallet in EUR
  • Bank Transfer: European SEPA transfer
  • Creditcard: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Cartes Bancaires en CartaSi in EUR
  • Debitcard: V-pay & Meastro


payment methods

  • Paypal: Paypal's online wallet in USD
  • Creditcard: Visa & Mastercard debit and credit cards in USD




payment methods

  • Skenipay: Skenicash’ online wallet in ANG (launching Q1 2021)

No, for most local banks this is not possible. They use Maestro cards, these are not compatible with online payments.


First Caribbean Bank has introduced Visa Debit Cards, which enables a user to do online purchases. 


Word goes that more local banks are introducing Mastercard Debit & Visa Debit cards.

Yes, it is. We use a secure ESCROW-account structure, so your money is never in jeopardy in case of bankruptcy or confiscation.

So, can you trust us with your money? Yes. We have been transferring money worldwide to the rightful Caribbean owners since 2015.

Handling your funds comes with responsibilities. We take them very seriously.

All payments are done on SSL-certificated pages

We do not store the payment data of the payees, this is done at our payment providers

Your money is on our ESCROW accounts. This means it is not in jeopardy in case of bankruptcy or confiscation

PagaDirect has some user restrictions:


Only businesses can register, no private persons are allowed.


More on restrictions

Providing this service comes at a price. Maintaining and operating a payment platform and multiple foundations to keep your money safe, getting money to the Caribbean at a fee and expensive web development are just some examples. We always try to give you the best price possible!


More on pricing

Requirements for registering

Only businesses registered on one of the islands are able to register, private persons are not allowed.


More on requirements

In business since 2015

Onlinepaycaribe has been transferring money worldwide to their rightful Caribbean beneficiaries since early 2015. This is done via our platform Caribbean Ticketshop.

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