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Our Integration Options

Here’s a list of options we provide to use PagaDirect.

You can start creating simple payment links, which work out of the box, no skills required.

In need of automation? We have different options available.

Payment Link

A manually created payment link is a way to request payment from customers who are paying for your goods or services.

It’s essentially a “Pay Now” or “Pay Invoice” button sent to customers in different ways like e-mail, WhatsApp or Facebook messenger.

On our website, you can create a payment link after logging in. You are asked to enter an amount and reference. We then create a unique payment link which you can send to your clients via WhatsApp, messenger, e-mail or include on your invoice.

Once your client clicks the payment link they’re taken to a payment page showing the amount due (see the demo). They can securely make the payment in their preferred currency with all major methods available.

Once the payment is completed you are notified instantly.

Payment Link

Web shop integration

Integrate PagaDirect into your web shop. we have plugins available that allows for automated checkout.

Your customer is guided through the payment process automatically and when your product or service is paid for, your web shop can automatically process the order.

Available free of charge:
OpenCart 3
Zen Cart

Estimated Q2 2021:

Another platform or custom needs? Let us know, we have our own team of developers.

Web shop integration
Available soon


Let your customer scan a QR-code to complete your payment. You are notified instantly.

Available on different platforms, customization possible.



PagaDirect offers a Rest API to integrate our payment solution into your platform. Free to use!

Please refer to our API documentation for further details and contact us for credentials.

Doubts on if you can implement PagaDirect or a special feature on your platform? Just get in touch.