Our pricing consists of two parts. We charge you a fee for using our service and we charge a transaction fee, who can be paid by you or your client.

NO monthly fee
NO setup fee

Providing this service comes at a price. Maintaining and operating a payment platform, multiple foundations to keep your money safe, getting money to the Caribbean at a fee and expensive web development are just some examples. We always try to give you the best price possible!



We offer rates as low as 1 % for using our service! This is based on your processed volume and deducted from your payout. When processing lower volumes, different rates apply.


Transaction Fee

You can charge your client the transaction fee or let PagaDirect deduct this from your payout. The transaction amount depends on the chosen payment option.

iDeal is one of the cheapest at 0.42 EUR, credit card payments one of the costlier due to the percentage that we need to be pay to our payment processors.