We truly believe online payments only work when it is affordable for both the merchant and their customer. We therefore only charge per transaction.

NO monthly fee
NO setup fee
NO plugin fee


Transaction Fee

The transaction fee depends on the chosen payment method. iDEAL is one of the cheapest at 0.42 EUR, credit card payments one of the costlier due to the percentage needed to be paid for processing the payment.

For collecting methods, you can charge your client the transaction fee or let PagaDirect deduct this from your payout.


Processing fee

Collecting methods

We offer rates as low as 1% for using our collecting service, charged over your processed volume. This fee is deducted from your payout. When processing lower volumes, rates up to 3% apply.

Direct methods

We do not charge additional costs for processing direct payments. Please be informed that additional costs can be charged at your provider, for example PayPal.


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